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The Helper Sledge for disabled

Transportation, recreation and sports for disabled

The Helper Sledge for disabled is for use all year around. The equipment has been tested in close cooperation with fysiotherapists, and extend drastically the variety of outdoor activities for disabled, their parents and personell in institutions.

A basic unit and additional accessories enables th euser to get equipment that suits individual demands. It can be pulled by a person, a snowscooter or a dog. Mounted on wheels the sledge can be used in the summertime, even on rough terrain. The equipment can be disassembled and does not require much space. Full adjustability in both length and height according to the size of the person, makes purcahse of a new unit unnecessary as the user grows older.

The top framework of the backrest and headrest and the adjustable windscreen protects the user. The canvas protecting the body can be arranged as a cover, also protecting the head region completely from wind and snow.

It has been a crucial point to develop an equipment that is easy to operate and comfortable both for the disabled and for the person who pulls the sledge. The unit is therefore based on The Helper Sledge, a modern skisledge which today is standard equipment with the armies in Norway and the other NATO countries, the Red Cross rescue teams and norwegian schools.

Because of the flexible, advanced construction and the use of modern skis, this sledge is very solid and stable, and it's known to be the easiest means of transportation on snow pulled by a person.

O. P. Magnussen A/S 2004